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Microsoft Toolkit 3.0.1 [Latest Update]

Microsoft Toolkit is the best Office and Windows activator you could ever find. This is because of 2 in 1 activation with this software and user-friendliness of it. This software is very easy to use, any person can handle it. You don’t need to be an expert to use this. We always support activation of Windows or Office by buying the software. But not all of us are rich and that software is neither affordable nor attainable. That’s why we give this license to use WINDOWS and OFFICE for FREE.

This is the most trustworthy and 100% working tool to Activate all products of both Microsoft Windows & Microsoft Office. This enables the user a more friendly and easy access in cracking the license.

How to Install

  • Download the latest from below. (ZIP Password – 123)




  • Use the following Alternative links only if the Main link doesn’t work. Try Alternative 1 first then Alternative 2.
  • If your Anti-virus blocks download you may have to temporarily disable your Anti-Virus software, only if necessary. (This is because virus guards won’t allow downloading windows or office activators)
  • Complete the installation and Run the Toolkit.
  • Select Office or Windows to be activated. watch the Video Guide in order to get a better idea of what you should do.

  • Restart your PC and Enjoy !!! 😀 😀

Video Tutorial

For Windows 10 Users:

Windows 10 user might face this issue when downloading. The issue is, file download will be failed because Windows Defender might block the download. This happens because, Windows is unlikely to allow a freeware to edit the registry by thus, Windows or Office could be activated. Therefore, Windows Defender might block your download file. You can see the issue and how to solve this by temporarily disabling the Windows Defender below.





Windows Toolkit

You will get the Windows Toolkit once you select the Windows logo from the main console. Follow the video guide in order to get a clear idea how to use Windows Toolkit in order to activate your copy of Windows. Click ‘Activate’

Supported Versions:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Server 2008/2012
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

Windows 10 activator is the latest addition to this tool where you can easily activate Windows 10 permanently, not that 1-year free trial Crap 😀

Office Toolkit

You can get the Office Toolkit by clicking on the logo of Office on the Microsoft Toolkit. Click ‘Activate’

Supported Versions:

  • Microsoft Office 2003
  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Microsoft Office 2016

Windows Activation

If we start talking about Microsoft’s Windows operating system with ‘Windows 95’, it has come a long way now till ‘Windows 10 OS’. Actually, it’s unlikely that someone still uses Windows 95 or its successor Windows 98. Almost all the computers which run on Microsoft Windows Oss at least use Windows XP OS.

Therefore, I’ll seize to talk of Windows XP’s predecessors including Windows 2000 and Windows NT. Further adding to Windows 95, Microsoft recently made 95 OS a free version. That means, you can install it anywhere, even on Macintosh without paying to the developer and you can make changes as well. I believe other successors till XP will quickly follow.

People who have activated Windows XP still should remember its serial key. We used to format our Hard Drives and install Windows XP frequently using this famous/ Legendary serial number; “qw4hd-dqcrg-hm64m-6gjrk-8k83t” Although, this enables the user to install Windows XP, it later sends a notification that the OS needs to be activated. Then the user cannot further use the above serial number.

That’s when you need this Windows Toolkit.

Now let’s go to the successor of Windows XP which is Windows Vista. XP was a giant among all the Oss at that time. It has evolved to a point where Microsoft released so many service packs for XP. More than 70% of computer users had adopted this OS as it was very simple, convenient, graphically innovative and most importantly user-friendly interface than its predecessors and competitors. After, so many years of success, Microsoft finally released a new OS; ‘Windows Vista’.

Windows Vista was not a success as XP, it quickly started to tremble upon the previous glory and brand name of XP. People required a better version if they are needed to be moved to the new OS. Actually, Vista was graphically superior to XP but it was slow and people expected it to be fast. Further, Microsoft released their latest Office version alongside Vista, Office 2007. But unfortunately, it was operatable on XP. This was another reason for people to not move to Vista.

But what you should know here is that Windows Vista also can be activated using Windows Toolkit if you are using but not to worry.

We shall now talk about, the Microsoft’s next success; Windows 7. By removing the names, Microsoft started using numbers with this version. Since Vista was not much of a success, Microsoft quickly introduced Windows 7 within the next couple of years. This was a massive success this time and people around the globe still use this to date as their OS.

This success was due to its innovative technology, fast working, user-friendliness, great comfort/convenience and support to other peripherals. If you have ever used Windows 7, you know how easy it is to work on that OS. Also, all the successors are based on its interface, I must say.

This Windows Activation topic comes into the light with the introduction of Windows 7. Though it was there for a longer period of time, with the widespread computer network and people around the globe having access to computers, required this to be activated more than ever during that period of time. People were desperate to try and activate this new super OS. Almost all the offices purchased this but many of the 3rd world country people started looking for ways to activate this.

That’s when this ‘Windows Tool kit’ comes into play. This enables the user to activate Windows 7 without paying anything.

Now, if we talk about its 2 successors thereafter, Windows 8 and 8.1, there’s not much to talk about these two in terms of interface. This was an extension of Windows 7. Thus, these two had more options and performance enhancements in comparison with its predecessor. Although, it was not sufficient for people to switch from Windows 7.

People who would like to try new things, some workstations and only an insufficient amount of people switch to Windows 8 and 8.1. Some people who adopted 8 and 8.1 switched back to Windows 7. Only thing impossible with the 7 which could be done in Windows 8 & 8.1 was Office 2013 that was only operable on 8 and Windows 8.1.

As I have mentioned above, if you are a big fan of Windows 8 or 8.1, you could easily activate it with Windows Tool kit latest update.

Now we come to the Microsoft’s latest Edition; Windows 10. Microsoft after Windows 8.1, did not introduce Windows 9 but skipping that launched Windows 10. This has a completely new outlook and a variety of new features including ‘Cortana’, company’s AI. One could say that this is the high-end extension of Windows 7 which is true. But this has a greater deal of new features as I have mentioned below.

  1. Timeline: If you press Windows Key + Tab, you’ll see the apps that are open at the moment in thumbnail view. This was available with the Windows 7 but now it’s more advanced.
  2. Nearby Sharing: As Apple has Airdrop, Windows 10 bring you Nearby Sharing with another PC that runs on Windows 10.
  3. Focus Assist: This is the same Quiet Hours but with added options to set automatic rules that the hours will be automatically set and priorities could be devised.
  4.  Password Recovery for Local Accounts: In past, if you select to log in to the PC with a local account and then you forget the password, you’re in a big trouble. However, with Windows 10, now you can select 3 security questions in case you don’t remember your account password.
  5. Choose GPU: Now you can customize your VGA graphics preference to different software and apps based on the energy consumption, directly through the system.
  6. Diagnostic Data Viewer: Now you can see and delete what type of data that Microsoft has collected from your PC through this option.
  7. Mute tabs in Edge: Microsoft’s forever Internet Browser was Internet Explorer which was used only to download a better browser. But with Windows 10, Edge Browser is launched and this is so colorful. Also, you can mute certain tabs you prefer by clicking the speaker button at the edge of the Tab.


As I have mentioned several times above, Windows 10 is not a foreigner to the Windows ToolKit. Windows ToolKit’s latest version we are giving here is capable of activating this mighty OS which has a better security system than its predecessors. Windows Tool Kit will bypass all the barriers and enable you the full access to the system.